Best ROI Lists is the resource to turn to for multi-channel marketing to both consumers and businesses. Our company excels at helping our clients reach their target market while exceeding their goals through our email marketing and list capabilities .

About Best ROI ListsOur expertise as an email list and marketing company provides superior services for the list owner while continually maximizing individual clients’ ROI. We manage and represent lists that are of the highest quality – delivering results for our clients is our number one objective while lowering acquisition costs and improving the responsiveness of their campaigns

Whether you are an expert marketer or just beginning to venture into online marketing initiatives, our email marketing and list company can custom create programs that help you achieve your goals within your budget!

We can help you write highly responsive copy, obtain high open rates, response rates and drive sales unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Our clients have ranged from Presidential campaigns to the most recognizable names in Corporate America, and they keep coming back.

Best ROI Lists is not just your resource for list rentals; we’re your partner in enhancing the success of your online campaign.

Opt-In Email

When you work with Best ROI Lists for your Opt-in email marketing you are working with the source of the data which comes from our proprietary network of websites, surveys as well as self-reported data. All addresses are Opt-in confirmed and CAN-Spam compliant plus, you receive our written CAN-Spam guarantee on every campaign. Best ROI Lists also offers you appending, personalization and streaming video services. You can micro-target each campaign with over 700 different lifestyle, demographic and other essential targeting factors for even more compelling and relevant messaging!

Lead Generation

Custom Lead Generation delivers targeted leads based on criteria — that you set! Your Custom Lead Generation ad is developed to meet your specific targeting goals and is placed within Best ROI Lists’s network of websites based on specific audience targeting criteria such as geo, demographics or interests. Prospects are pre-qualified or disqualified based on your specific targeted questions. And then, only qualified, opted-in leads are delivered directly to you on a schedule and via the delivery format that you designate.

Appending Services

Best ROI Lists can append your postal customer file for email or sms contact information. Best ROI Lists’s appending service is a multi-staged process by which we match records and then send an opt-in message to matched files. In the end, you are delivered a fully opted-in list that you can use again and again…because you own the data!