Creative Guidelines

Creative HTML final size should be 640×480 Pixels – note: you may go deeper on the depth but less is more in email broadcasts. The file size will increase as well.

File size should be kept to a minimum. 70k is acceptable – as long as images are optimized correctly, file size can be maintained. JPEG compression is best for photographs in most cases. GIF compression is preferred when optimizing solid filled objects.

Please provide your art files for the html creative in a zip format with the html file as well as the associated images included unless images are hosted on a remote server , then just the html file can be provided. Additionally, the creative can be supplied to us as a link for our creative department to download the files.

Also please provide the link(s) for the creative if they are not a part of the html ad.

Link to check your creatives spam score: Check your spam score!

Stay away from using the word FREE, the “$”, or “!” in your subject line.