Prepare for the Summer Storm Season

It seems that May 2019 will go down in the record books as one of the in recent history. In late May, western Ohio was hit with 12 consecutive days of severe storms, with an average of over 27 tornadoes occurring each day. Couple these tornadoes with those that have ravaged North and South Carolina, on top of the recent … Read More

Shot Show 2019: Marketing Tips you need to hear beyond the seminar walls.

Shot Show 2019 starts next week, but hopefully you’ve not waited to start engaging with consumers in the firearms and outdoor recreation industry; the third SHOT Show since President Trump took office, presenting a good opportunity for gun manufacturers to push past the Trump Slump and increase gun sales. SHOT Show, which stands for Shooting, Hunting and Trade Show celebrated … Read More

How to beat the distractions in the competitive Faith Based Entertainment Business

The demand for faith-based entertainment industry is on the rise, and therefore more entertainment companies are producing faith-based content. The surplus of this content, in part driven by demand, and the distractions caused by access to smartphones, tablets, life, etc. have created a challenge to those seeking to profit from the sales of movie tickets, ads during related TV shows, … Read More

Tax Prep made easy in 2019 with Email Marketing

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2019, many people are also taking this time to prepare their documents for tax season. Although the deadline for filing federal taxes is not until April 15th, e-filing offers many people a convenient means to file early in the year. Therefore, e-filing increases the burden for tax preparation services to jump start their … Read More

The 2019 Health Trend Marketers will Capitalize on with Best ROI Lists

Every year there are new health trends built around the holiday season in order to encourage us to get on track for the upcoming year. Consumers are increasingly seeking products and services that promote well-being. The wellness industry is a mega opportunity for marketers, especially ring holiday season and at the beginning of the new year when people have binged … Read More

Email Marketing is stronger than ever projects there will be 2.9 billion email users worldwide by the end of 2019 which equates to more than one third of the world’s population. In 2017, there were just over 269 billion emails sent and received each day, and some market watchers such as estimate that nearly 111.1 billion marketing emails are sent each day. Almost every … Read More

Overcoming the ‘Trump Slump’ in the Firearms Sector

The sale of firearms in our country has been strongly influenced by our political climate and often times the men sitting in the Oval Office. Gun rights advocates and politically conservative-minded individuals like their firearms. Therefore, when a Democratic President, or a member of the Democrat Party in Congress (or a state legislator) threatens our 2nd Amendment Rights, it has … Read More

Taking Advantage of the Volatility in the Financial Markets

Anyone watching the market this week is aware of its volatility. The numbers speak for themselves, the S&P 500 continues to drop, down by 3.24% as of December 6th. On Tuesday December 4th, the Dow plunged by more than 800 points. At the end of October, the S&P 500 suffered its worst monthly losses in about seven years. This is … Read More