What are America’s Favorite Guns?

Whether for hunting, personal protection, or recreation, weaponry is necessary and essential. It may be tough to quantify exactly which guns are America’s “favorite”, but with information compiled from 2016’s top selling new guns, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, here is a breakdown of the most popular guns in America: Pistols remain the most manufactured gun … Read More

Alternative Methods of Christian Outreach

A new study conducted by Pew Research Center concluded that Christian millennials are finding alternative ways to connect with each other. Rather than the traditional method of connecting through church services, today’s Christian youth are placing greater emphasis on social media, fitness, and food. This is not to suggest that they are not still seeking spiritual connections, as suggested by … Read More

Study: Average Email Open Rate Across Industries Is 22%

Less than a quarter of email marketing messages are opened, according to a study released Thursday by GetResponse — an engagement metric easily lifted with marketing best practices. The average email open rate amongst all marketers is 22%, according to the report, and the average click-through rate hovers just below 4%. GetResponse conducted a global survey of over 2,500 email … Read More

Email Drives A Fifth Of Cyber Monday Sales

A fifth of holiday sales on Cyber Monday were generated by an email marketing promotion, according to the latest data from Adobe Digital Insights.   Monday marked the largest online sales day in history as Cyber Monday inspired Americans to spend $3.45 billion online. Cyber Monday sales grew 12.1% year-over-year according to the Adobe study, which aggregated data from more … Read More

Prepare for Summer Emergencies & Disasters Now!

Alliance Strategies Group has been a leader in serving the prepper community for nearly 10 years. Our agency is uniquely qualified to help you target your desired audience efficiently and fast! Our portfolio of more than 100 email lists target the following audiences, products and services: Doomsday Preppers Self-Defense Courses Survivalists Self-Reliance Manuals Sportsmen Disaster Preparedness Kits Off the grid … Read More

Sell YOUR Inventory BEFORE Congress Sells You Down the River

As we move from Father’s Day to Independence Day, it is a great time to think back to the days that our Founding Fathers provided United States citizens with our right to bear arms.  We remember that our country has the right to bear arms because of the Second Amendment and it cannot be trampled upon by anyone.   It is … Read More

Why Appending Matters

We live in an age where more data is available than ever before, which means incredibly big and positive things when it comes to email marketing in particular. According to a study conducted by the IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub, there are literally trillions of different sensors out in the wild that are constantly monitoring, tracking and communicating with one … Read More