Don’t Let Google and Facebook Hurt Firearms Sales; Use Email Marketing

We live in an age where businesses are not only dependent on technology to attract new customers and remain competitive, but also the companies that provide those technological solutions to the world at large. When you consider both the fact that a full 93% of all online shopping experiences begin with a search engine AND that Google’s marketshare was 63.9% … Read More

Best Response Rates Start with Engaging Subject Lines

Regardless of the type of industry you’re operating in, email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons that marketers have in their arsenal. A well-designed, well-timed email can quickly push a lead “over the edge” at a pivotal time, motivating them to make a purchase by providing them with exactly the right piece of information they need when … Read More

10 Myths of Email Marketing

We live in an age where users are carrying smartphones, tablets and mobile devices around with them at all times, essentially maintaining a constant connection to the Internet (and therefore the world around them). In an age where technology has become decidedly more intimate than ever before, your marketing efforts have probably become fractured to a certain degree. Marketing is … Read More

Mobile Email Marketing–Do it or Fail!

The digital marketing landscape is in the throws of transformation and to be honest, it has been for quite some time. People aren’t just using digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and more with increasing frequency – they’re becoming a more essential part of their lives with each passing day. Just when marketers felt they had a handle on … Read More

Lead Generation Quality Matters

On the surface, lead generation is almost a startlingly simple concept. “Generating a lead” is most commonly defined as the process of taking one person and getting them interested in the product or service that your business is putting out there into the world. The precise moment that this hypothetical person showed interest in what you’re selling, either by signing … Read More

Have you maximized your Prospecting for The New Year?

Q1 is over, but that doesn’t mean your marketing should stop. No business can operate without one thing – spreading the word about itself. Creating solid marketing efforts and attracting attention to your business is one of the fundamentals of succeeding, and as such it’s important that you get the most from your efforts. That’s why getting the most from … Read More