Email Lists that Fuel Your Email Marketing Campaign and Increase Your ROI

According to the 2017 State of Email Report and Litmus Email Analytics, Gmail holds 20% of all email client market share. Email marketing trends have also grown in conjunction with the mobile era, growing by 88% over the past two years in terms of mobile-friendly email design. A Year-in-Review report conducted by Campaign Monitor reports that “email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent”.

With over 75% of businesses using email marketing as part of their digital marketing and business strategy, it is important to figure out what types of emails work for your brand, local business, major corporation, retail store, non-profit, or niche consumer group. That is where Best ROI Lists steps in and saves the day!

Email lists are a fast way to get sales and increase revenue; and when you have a niche market like doomsday preppers, pro-life political enthusiasts, the precious metals industry, and other markets, growing your email list can get increasingly difficult, since you may not have access to data that logs individuals as being in said niche categories. Best ROI Lists has the data you need to grow your email marketing lists for you. Our email lists allow you to target your customer by zip code, birthday, gender, interest, and more. By partnering with Best ROI Lists, we can help you develop your marketing segmentation strategy and increase the prospects in your target market.

Your email list is your third most valuable marketing asset, you are the first, and your website is the second. Growing your email list will grow your business, without a doubt; but, growing it can be the hard part. We take the difficulty out of the equation for you, so you can focus on perfecting the consumer funnel once the customers roll-in.
Best ROI Lists is more than just an email list provider and marketing company. We provide our clients with email marketing content, strategy, email lists, and measure metrics to test copy and maximize ROI.

Click on any of our email list categories below to learn more:

  • Political Email Lists
  •  Read all about our various political email lists for Republicans, the Jewish community, pro-life supporters and more.

  • Financial Email Lists
  • Reach financially-minded audiences with financial email lists for investors, retirement and seniors, affluent neighborhoods and more.

  • Health Email Lists
  • Build your nutritional, niche email list with Best ROI Lists’ health and wellness email lists. Spread the word about health and fitness, and recipes.

  • Precious Metals Email Lists
  •  Find precious metal buyers, sellers, rare coins, metal investment strategies and news with email lists for precious metal buyers. Target your niche market today with precious metals email lists from Best ROI Lists.

  • Prepper Email Lists
  •  The prepper community is growing daily. Reach the various prepper crowds with email lists specifically catered towards doomsday preppers, disaster preppers, survivalists, and more.

  • Catholic Email Lists
  •  Spend your marketing dollars wisely. If you are looking for Catholic email lists for advertising opportunities, church donors, or buyers of Catholic products, Best ROI Lists can help.

  • Christian Email Lists
  •  Get either single opt-in or double opt-in Christian email lists to expand your reach and hit your target audience. Spread Christian news or get your Christian publishing in front of the right faith-based audience.

  • Jewish Email Lists
  •  Reach the most responsive Jewish or pro-Israel audience with Jewish email lists that are built with data and knowledge. Reach the Jewish community with our email lists today!

  • Firearms Email Lists
  •  Promote your 2nd Amendment Rights, promote sports gear or outdoors gear, fishing and tackle, and more with firearms and outdoor enthusiast email lists.

  • Data Cards
  •  Search email lists by list name, type, location, and market of either business or consumer here. Browse our catalog of email lists, postal mailing lists, phone numbers, and more.

  • Technical Requirements
  • View all technical requirements for successfully managing your email creative and niche email lists today.