Best ROI Lists is uniquely qualified to help you target your desired audience efficiently and fast! Whether you’re targeting audiences or buyers of products:

  • 2nd Amendment supporters
  • Financial investors
  • Jewish community
  • Border Security activists
  • Financial product buyers
  • Jewish Donors
  • Catholic activists
  • Firearms/ gun enthusiasts
  • Pro-Life supporters
  • Catholic community
  • Hunters
  • Republicans
  • Catholic donors
  • General Consumers
  • Republican Donors
  • Christian Community
  • Health buyers
  • Republican voters
  • Christian activists
  • Homeland Security activists
  • Ron Paul supporters
  • Christian Donors
  • Israel supporters
  • Ron Paul Donors
  • Conservative Donors
  • Libertarian activists
  • Tea Party Donors
  • Conservative activists
  • Libertarian donors
  • Tea Party email activists
  • Donor email list
  • Jewish activists
  • Trump Supporters

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Politics is a subject famous for getting people riled up, and it seems that many people have become resistant to postal correspondence or door-to-door canvassing. Political email lists are the least intrusive way of getting your ideas and message to your voters, at their convenience.

Millions of votes are on the line during election time – votes that can drastically alter life in communities, states, and even the nation. While it is nice to think that these votes are based purely on how well our candidate’s values align with ours, the truth is that more ballots are cast due to highly targeted and optimized marketing campaigns. It is crucial for politicians to be as connected with their constituencies as possible, but appealing to an intended group of voters seems more difficult with each passing year. How does a politician effectively reach out to minority groups, donors, activists, businesses, and various community members to display their political set of principles? Best ROI Lists provides political email lists and strategic email marketing consulting, using opt-in and targeted donor email lists as well as voter data to create effective campaigns to gather the attention and loyalty of supporters. Our voter data helps your political fundraising efforts reach new levels by targeting segments such as Second Amendment activists, values voters, and tea party supporters in addition to foreign policy hawks and fiscal conservatives.

Best ROI Lists can offer a full spectrum of political digital marketing services, including political email lists to reach your desired audience of donors, buyers, activists and voters while saving you time and money.

Convert more people to customers with our targeted lists!

  • High engagement, open and click-through rates
  • 100% CAN-Spam compliant
  • Over 100 dedicated email lists for preppers & survivalists products
  • More than 20 years experience in the email marketing industry



There are many lessons we can learn from past, successful presidential email marketing campaigns:

Political email marketing is cost effective. The return on investment for political email marketing with Best ROI List’s is unmatched. The price it costs to implement an email marketing software does not compare to the absurd amount of time, manpower, and money it takes to place ads in newspapers, create 30-second TV ads, and attempt to canvass door-to-door.

Political email marketing is interactive. Versatility in your message like photos and videos allow for interactivity with the reader. Along with a specific message, politicians can include snippets of powerful speeches, their campaign trail dates, and links to homepages that help their cause.

Political email marketing is personal. Email marketing with Best ROI Lists allows politicians and their staff to personalize a message. Studies show a person is more likely to open a piece of mail if their name is on it, and the same goes for an email marketing strategy.

Political email marketing allows for depth. It is seemingly impossible and incredibly expensive to try to convey your entire message within a 30-second television ad, or in barely visible newspaper print. With email marketing, politicians can clearly lay out each of their ideas, goals, promises, and overall political platform. No more summarizing all that you can do for a community or a group of people. Lay out as much of your plan as you’d like, so you can inform the correct audience about your mission.

Best ROI Lists is an email marketing consultant that specializes in harnessing the power of the internet to spread political messages to the right people. With our email marketing agency, your campaign can see dramatic results in raising awareness, fundraising for your campaign, and encouraging voters to stick with you.

Best ROI Lists can help ensure your emails are reaching the right group of people, on a local and national level, ultimately converting into success for your campaign, candidate, PAC, or advocacy effort. If you’re interested in reaching out to the correct audience with targeted and opt-in email lists and voter data, contact our email marketing agency today.

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Our team can also assist with the following services to help ensure your email campaign is a success.
  • HTML coding for email
  • Subject lines that will generate a high open rate
  • Graphic Design
  • White listing/grey listing support
  • Triggers
  • List rentals
  • Database Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Programs
  • Multivariate testing
  • E-commerce integration
  • List hygiene
  • Highly responsive copywriting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Envelope fields
  • Removal from Blacklisting
  • Selecting an Email Service Provider
  • Bounce rates
  • List segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Video emails


Please make sure to ask for geo-targeted counts if you are conducting a campaign on a state or more localized level. We have dozens of political digital advertising opportunities. If you’re looking for a political email list, call us today at 1-877-301-LIST (5478) and ensure your campaign is a success.