Please follow the guidelines of this document to ensure your email creative is managed properly.

Email all creatives and approvals to [email protected] in addition to your Account Rep.

Getting Started

  • Legal name of entity/organization
  • Legal postal/mailing address
  • Phone number for entity/organization
  • Who is the Billing Contact, their phone number and Email address?
  • Who is the Production/ Technical Contact, their phone number and Email address?
  • What is your preferred Payment method (Check, Wire, or Credit Card)?
  • Is an invoice needed to process payment?

Image Hosting

  • All Images are to be hosted on your server.
  • Do not send Best ROI Lists image files, unless already agreed upon in a signed insertion order.
  • There will be a $150 fee for Best ROI Lists to host your images on our server.

HTML Coding

  • Email creative MUST be sent to Best ROI Lists as a stand alone HTML file.
  • Links to webpages where creative is hosted WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Email must be received in properly coded HTML format 72 hours or 3 business days, whichever is greater, in advance of deployment.
  • Standard width of email creative should be 600 pixels wide for optimal fit in all email list templates.
  • HTML creative should be formatted for table layout – not CSS.
  • Do NOT use head tags in HTML creative.
  • Do NOT use CSS background images – they will not render in the majority of Email Service Providers.
  • Should CSS need to be used, ensure that it’s inline CSS.
  • Use table nesting where possible for images, lists, etc. in creative – rather than left and right margins or padding for table cells.
  • Recommended HTML file size: 100 KB or less.
  • Word files WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as HTML creative.

Text Version of Creative

  • A text version of the HTML file is encouraged but not necessary.

File Naming Convention

  • Please have HTML (& text) files named in the following manner:
  • List_Your company name_date of deployment (MMDDYY)
  • Example: 1776 Coalition_ACME Company_070113
  • This is imperative if renting multiple lists.

Deliverables To ASG

Please provide ASG the following 72 hours or 3 business days, whichever is greater, in advance of your deployment:

After Receipt of Creative