Postal Marketing

Best ROI Lists offers postal marketing lists as well as file profiling to let you identify and reach your very best prospects. Our list and profile services will assist you in pinpointing segments that represent key audiences you may have previously missed or open up the doors to new avenues you should be reaching.

More than 700 data elements are available
Selections that cover all aspects of how consumers live, what they spend their money on and the interests they possess.

This high-performance list has played an integral role in the success of thousands of companies’ direct marketing campaigns for more than 25 years. The largest and most powerful compiled consumer database on the market. This truly comprehensive file, developed from 31 different data sources, contains demographic, lifestyle and purchase history information on over 120 million U.S. households.

Our data is updated every two weeks and offers more than 150 selections. Greater than 90% of our data records are multi-sourced – an attribute that accounts for the file’s unparalleled accuracy. This leading database has been designed to help you pinpoint prospects in a timely, effective and cost-saving manner.