What 800 and 888 numbers were to advertising in the past, sms keyword marketing is to the future of direct marketing.

No matter what type of advertising or marketing you do such as web, banners, direct mail, email, TV/print/radio ads, billboards, etc. all you do is tell prospects to text a custom keyword that you choose to 1tm’s short code number.

Transform any media advertising into a turnkey interactive lead generation program with Best ROI Lists’ keyword marketing.

SMS Keyword Marketing

How sms/keyword marketing works

  • In all of your advertising and marketing materials you direct prospects to text a custom keyword to a short code number on their cell phone. (Example: In your ads you say: For information text “Keyword“ to 12345 now!)
  • Immediately YOU receive the lead into your email and YOUR PROSPECT receives a custom auto responder message from you directly into their cell phone.
  • sms/Keyword marketing can be used for lead generation, distribution of discount codes, surveys, contests, voting, and more!
  • Costs are paid on a monthly fee which includes use of Best ROI Lists’ short code, the auto-responder broadcast and 1-month of trafficking leads directly to you.