SMS/Mobile is perhaps the only platform that allows marketers to reach prospects wherever they are — at the moment of ad broadcast. Mobile advertising offers a truly unique platform for marketers to reach consumers of all ages. Cell phones are the one device that nearly all Americans have within a few feet of them — at all times. This presents marketers with the ability to target consumers at home — and on the road. 78 million U.S. consumers yearly see advertising on their mobile phones and brand recall rates from mobile marketing are 20 times greater than web and 10 times that of direct mail.

SMS/Mobile Marketing

According to a new report from The Nielsen Company

58 million U.S. mobile subscribers say they’ve been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days. 28 million recall seeing mobile advertising in the previous 30 days and say they responded to a mobile ad.

The Ultimate Opt-In Marketing Vehicle

The Best ROI Lists sms/Mobile Database is composed of 38 Million opt-in users who have agreed to receive mobile messaging. These users get a limited number of promotions per month (4 SMS max) and have an easy Opt-in / Opt-out mechanism in place. You can target users by geographic location and over 300 separate lifestyle and demographic selections.

The Best ROI Lists sms/Mobile Database

  • Reach recipients as young as 13 years of age
  • 38 million Opt-in users who have agreed to receive mobile messaging
  • 100% SPAM FREE- all messages are sent in accordance with regulations set by the Mobile Marketing Association