Shot Show 2019: Marketing Tips you need to hear beyond the seminar walls.

Shot Show 2019 starts next week, but hopefully you’ve not waited to start engaging with consumers in the firearms and outdoor recreation industry; the third SHOT Show since President Trump took office, presenting a good opportunity for gun manufacturers to push past the Trump Slump and increase gun sales. SHOT Show, which stands for Shooting, Hunting and Trade Show celebrated … Read More

Tax Prep made easy in 2019 with Email Marketing

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2019, many people are also taking this time to prepare their documents for tax season. Although the deadline for filing federal taxes is not until April 15th, e-filing offers many people a convenient means to file early in the year. Therefore, e-filing increases the burden for tax preparation services to jump start their … Read More

Email Drives A Fifth Of Cyber Monday Sales

A fifth of holiday sales on Cyber Monday were generated by an email marketing promotion, according to the latest data from Adobe Digital Insights.   Monday marked the largest online sales day in history as Cyber Monday inspired Americans to spend $3.45 billion online. Cyber Monday sales grew 12.1% year-over-year according to the Adobe study, which aggregated data from more … Read More

Prepare for Summer Emergencies & Disasters Now!

Alliance Strategies Group has been a leader in serving the prepper community for nearly 10 years. Our agency is uniquely qualified to help you target your desired audience efficiently and fast! Our portfolio of more than 100 email lists target the following audiences, products and services: Doomsday Preppers Self-Defense Courses Survivalists Self-Reliance Manuals Sportsmen Disaster Preparedness Kits Off the grid … Read More

Don’t Let Google and Facebook Hurt Firearms Sales; Use Email Marketing

We live in an age where businesses are not only dependent on technology to attract new customers and remain competitive, but also the companies that provide those technological solutions to the world at large. When you consider both the fact that a full 93% of all online shopping experiences begin with a search engine AND that Google’s marketshare was 63.9% … Read More

Have you maximized your Prospecting for The New Year?

Q1 is over, but that doesn’t mean your marketing should stop. No business can operate without one thing – spreading the word about itself. Creating solid marketing efforts and attracting attention to your business is one of the fundamentals of succeeding, and as such it’s important that you get the most from your efforts. That’s why getting the most from … Read More

Why Email Still Matters

Email has long been thought of as one of the holdovers from the early days of the internet and online marketing. After all, with things like social media, streaming video, and other similar tools out there, email has reached the point where it almost seems quaint by comparison. But the reality is that email still matters, and harnessing it for … Read More