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Opt-in Email Marketing Services

Countless businesses and organizations practice marketing to promote their goods, services, or political messages. Whether their message is meeting the correct audience or simply being deleted right away is an entirely different story. Email marketing has proven to be a successful method for reaching out to a targeted audience, but with mass overflows of bulk marketing emails today, people are more likely to ignore and delete uninvited mail that invades their inbox.  This is not to suggest we should give up on email marketing so soon; it has its benefits. It’s simple, it allows mass distribution of important information at a relatively low cost, it’s easy to track, has a global reach, and provides measurable results for your campaign. But by running the risk of harming your business reputation and getting yourself flagged, what’s a better alternative? This is where opt-in Email Marketing steps in to save your brand.

Opt-in Email marketing offered by Best ROI Lists provides information to people who have specifically signed up to receive that information about your brand, campaign, organization, or business. In this respect, permission is clear-cut. With opt in Email marketing, not only do you have the complete approval of the client to send them emails, but you are focusing your money and efforts into reaching out to people who WANT to be reached out to. It’s simple: those who want to receive information from you are more likely to boost your sales and product interest, as compared to those who don’t want to receive the information to begin with.  This is especially beneficial for niche industries such as direct response mareketers, political campaigns and religious organizations. Bulk marketing emails on the other hand puts your reputation at risk. It creates an image around your organization as invasive, and as open and click-through rates drop, you’ll be left with plenty of time, money, and effort wasted.

Opt-in Email marketing campaigns with Best ROI Lists allows for complete personalization, a long-term customer base, and a boost in sales. Our team has the tools and the experience to ensure your opt-in marketing is CAN-SPAM complaint, and receives a high return on your marketing investment. When you work with Best ROI Lists for your Opt-in email marketing you are working with the source of the data which comes from our proprietary network of websites, surveys, and self-reported data. All addresses are Opt-in confirmed and CAN-SPAM compliant.  Best ROI Lists also offers you appending, personalization, and streaming video services. You can micro-target each campaign with over 700 different lifestyle, demographic, and other essential targeting factors for even more compelling and relevant messaging.

The advantages of opt-in email marketing are clear: since you won’t be spamming thousands who don’t want your emails, you can maintain a positive marketing reputation. You can show your audience that you respect their privacy. You can become more targeted in your campaign, and you can build long term, trust based relationships with your audience.

We’ve all been there: turning on your computer to find your inbox completely flooded in emails and offers you never even asked for. Therefore, opt-in emails are vital to your campaign to ensure you’re reaching the right contacts – those who expect to see your messages. Call today to learn more about Best ROI List’s email marketing strategies.